Beta v1.8 changelog

UPDATE 12/7/20

v1.8 Release
+ Unlockable Free Mode (set node probability, spawn rate, etc.)
+ Katja voice acting
+ More helpful tutorial messages throughout campaign
+ Speech bubble over level select NPCs when they have something new to say
+ Notification when an achievement is unlocked
+ Replaced radar passive: now half-reveals fog of war in large area
+ Jukebox/SoundTest in extras
+ Game remembers settings after closing/re-opening
+ Adjustable mouse cam sensitivity
+ Retreat button on main menu in Campaign Mode
+ After-game credits
+ New song in sectors 7 & 8
* Increased Barrier's vision & movement, reduced radar's vision
* Increased Artillery's range to 3
* Increased Defuser's salvage amount
* Miners collect energy when mining a wall without a Node
* Unusable buttons grayed out
* Overlay key changed from 'i' to 'e'
* HUD buttons are usable while unit is selected
* Turn counter doesn't count enemy turns
* Resources from enemies based on max health
* Lose level when refinery destroyed (only on levels where refinery is required)
* Removed enemy fog spawns and non-miner units from sector 1
* Sector 4 becomes more difficult as it goes on
* Tweaked starting energy based on sector (extractor easier to reach on certain levels)
* 24-bit color used for transparency

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