Beta v1.7 changelog

UPDATE 10/18/20
v1.7 Release
+ Unit/Enemy passive abilities (view unit list from main menu)
+ New hive enemy (view unit list for details)
+ New Enemy & Modified Unit sprites
+ Find Artifacts while digging and fighting
+ View lore entries on Artifacts from Extras menu
+ Cosmetic unlocks by in-game achievements (from Extras menu)
+ Contact & chat with Katja on level select map in Campaign Mode
* Right Click unit to bring up unit description menu
* Deadly mode is harder
* Rescuable units on Sector 6
* Start points in Inf mode have a minimum size
* More/better vfx
* More/improved sfx
* UI tweaks
* Improved level select movement
* Increased Unit costs across the board
* Reworked enemy spawn rates (based on revealed map & # of units)
- Removed medium difficulty
+ Secret shop

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