Beta v1.5 changelog

UPDATE 08/27/2020
v1.5 build
+ Move camera by moving mouse to the edges of the screen
+ Message displays when you collect enough energy to build an Extractor
+ Pick up energy as you move over it
+ Enemies drop energy upon being killed
+ Unit/enemy pathfinding fixed, made more immediate
+ Units idly animate
+ Enemy radar on the scan overlay tells you when enemies will spawn in Fog of War
+ New ranged enemy: Spitter
+ Better enemy AI: choosing better targets
+ Select next unit button: focuses camera on units that can still move/act
+ Some new SFX: enemies, unit actions
+ Slice-based menus
+ Setting for hiding OS mouse
* Cleaner UI interactions, buttons now activate on mouse release instead of mouse down
* Unit HUD displays current/max movement
* Sprite animations can appear on GUI, not just on map layers
* Monsters cannot spawn within a small radius of your starting units
* Tweaked difficulty on campaign Levels, specifically making them more beatable
- Removed wait button, wasn't necessary

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