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A Legendary Greatsword...

The Mournblade was forged by an ancient necromancer blacksmith who worked for an army dedicated to the god of tyranny, Bane. When their army fell, some soldiers were trapped in a war room with the Mournblade and its wielder. They knew that they would die here, but thought that whoever held the sword would be free from its grasp. They all desperately fought through each other to grab the sword in time. The one who succeeded cast a spell which sealed the sword in the ground in the war room, causing it to remain dormant indefinitely.

What's Included

This package includes content for a homebrew magic item designed for 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons. It is classified as a legendary magic item. The materials include an encounter that the Dungeon Master may place in their campaign where their players might obtain the Mournblade, as well as extended backstory about the legendary sword. 

The three files included are:

  • Mournblade.pdf - the main file; includes an item description, brief backstory, and an encounter description
  • MournbladeBackstory.pdf - the extended backstory, describing the moment when Nuora Stoneheart sealed the sword in its current resting place
  • UndyingMinotaur.png - a custom stat block for the monsters that appear in the encounter described in Mournblade.pdf; this stat block is also shown in Mournblade.pdf


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UndyingMinotaur.png 357 kB

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