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Hi there! 

We made this demo for a game jam but weren't able to finish in time. So now we're gonna work on finishing it! Feel free to give us feedback about what you like and what you think would make this your favorite game ever!



You're in this town to settle a score. Rumors tell about an ancient, legendary fish that resides in the bottom of a lake near this small, mountain town. These rumors passed through your family, and you have a feeling the only way to the bottom of that lake is by diving into the past. Perhaps the townsfolk can help you on your journey. 





Catch fish! Have conversations! Level up! Buy new bait!


Kief: Programming

Gaplan: Art, Writing

mnym: Art

Ravancloak: Music, Sound Design

Nullifi & Prifuin: Music 

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Tags8-Bit, Fishing, Pixel Art


fishing2.zip 8 MB

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This game is WAAAY to cute. I'm in love with the mermaid person, but Mikan is one of my favorite. I cannot wait to be able to give them gifts! The fishing simulation reminds me of fishing in stardew valley, but much more in depth as you can see underwater and all the silly little creatures. 

Thank you for sharing your game! I hope you finish it soon!

This is very cute!  I absolutely love the cover art.  I hope you get an opportunity to finish it.